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manufacturing and supplying a hi-tech as well as customer specific range of Panel Board, SIC Rod, Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Advani Metal Box, Control Potentiometer

SAW HEAT for a Better World Because we believe heat is one of the cleanest and best energies for industrial use. Every day, we strive to tailor our technology and knowhow to design ever more efficient heating systems and solutions for your needs.

Since 2010, through experience and R&D, we have been improving our customized heating element, the key component for making your process more efficient and durable. This gives you the power in your process to heat and meet your needs, thereby ensuring a safer and more sustainable environment and a more efficient and innovative industry.

For us, just like heat exchange, sharing and exchanging information between people has always been the main factor for understanding issues at an early stage to efficiently enhance performance. At SAW HEAT, there is this extra warmth in our team spirit which includes an open and caring special relationship with our customers.

Together we are an unbeatable team, clear understanding of your requirements, clear sharing of issues and clear definition of the best and most efficient solutions quickly.

Proud in our beliefs, we focus our attention on selectively applying our technology, knowhow and reliability, with the goal to bringing heat efficiently to the world where it is needed, without heating up the planet, for a better world.

• SAW HEAT has built a solid experience over 10 Years
• No compromise on quality & safety
• Technical competence & tools, ability to design the best solutions for our customers
• Empowered people looking for delivering the best value for our customers
• High-quality supplier
• 100% of the heating elements produced in our factory.
• Lean approach
• Responsiveness in case of urgency such as production stop (very short delivery time)
• Solid financial situation and sustainability

Product Range

Electric heat Treatment Furnace , Hardening furnace , Tempering furnace Muffle Furnace , Vacuum furnace Induction Gold , silver & Steel Melting furnace Rotary casting furnace , Heating Oven , Air circulation heating chamber , Air circulation heater , Compressed air heating unit , Air heaters Tubular heating elements , Furnace heating element s, Industrial oil & water heater , Insulation Jacket heater, Electroplating heating unit , acid solution heating unit , Tank heating system .Trace heating elements , Quartz heating elements , Infra red heating elements .


List of Esteem Clients

  • 2) Himadri Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd , Singur
  • 3) TuaMan Engineering Ltd , Kolkata
  • 4) Alom Extrusions , Kolkata
  • 5) Meghalaya Cements , Kolkata
  • 6) Hind ware ( Rajasthan )
  • 7) IIT Kharagpur
  • 8) NIT , Rourkela
  • 9) TATA Meta licks ( Kharagpur )
  • 10) Anmol healthcare Pvt Ltd , kolkata
  • 11) Hindusthan Aeronautics Ltd , Koraput
  • 12) Central institute of Mining & Fuel Research ( Dhanbad)
  • 13) Jindal ITF , Kolkata
  • 14) Bio- Caps India Ltd
  • 15) Ardee Technologies Pvt Ltd , Rourkela

    Our commitment to quality

    We conform to high standards of quality by focusing on customer satisfaction and employee involvement. Our market share and profitability are driven by the superior performance of our products and services. We achieve this by:

    - Continually improving product quality and focusing on effectiveness of Quality Management System;
    - Complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements;
    - Striving to be leading and reliable manufacturers/suppliers in the field of heating furnaces , heating process equipment; - Giving paramount importance to safety and health of employees and customers


    Custom-built heating elements, heating units and systems are being widely used by such discerning industries as Reliance, IOCL, BOC, Airliquide, L&T, BHEL, GAIL to name few. Quality raw materials make SAW HEAT heating elements ideal for critical application in refineries, Petrochemical complex, Thermal power plants, cement Industry, chemical, paper, textile, electroplating and many other industries.

    We supply complete Heating Systems with Flame Proof Terminal Boxes that are required to be installed in a hazardous area duly approved by CMRS Dhanbad including Electrical / Thyristor Control Panels.

    The heating units are designed and manufactured as per customer's specific requirements for the following applications:
  • 1. Air Heating for oven, furnace, chambers, Paint booths etc.
  • 2. Air heaters for ESP and Ash Handling Systems
  • 3. Silo & Hopper Fluidizing Air heaters
  • 4. Regeneration/Reactivation Gas heaters
  • 5. Deriming heaters
  • 6. Heaters for Dryers, Air Separation plants
  • 7. Screw plug Immersion heaters for Water
  • 8. Flanged Immersion heater for water
  • 9. Boiler Preheaters
  • 10. Water Immersion heater for DM plants & Condensate Polishing Plant
  • 11. Flanged & Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Oil Heating
  • 12. Fuel Gas/Oil & Natural Gas Heaters and heaters skids
  • 13. Chemical immersion heaters
  • 14. Dowtherm/HTM Heaters
  • For requirement of Custom built heaters and heating systems please send following information:

  • - The nature of the medium to be heated : gas, fluid solid (corrosive or non-corrosive) - Quantity of th
  • - Change of temperature envisaged in ºC
  • - Operating parameters like temperature & pressure
  • - Time needed for the medium to be heated from initial to final temperature in ºC.
  • - Space available for installation (preferably with sketch / drawing)
  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    We have most modern manufacturing set up for manufacture of heating elements from 6mm to 16 mm diameter. The manufacturing set up has:

    • • Automatic coiling machines.
    • • Automatic Insulation filling machines (24 spindle Fill length 6 meter)
    • • Roll reducing mill/Swaging machine
    • • Annealing furnaces
    • • Bending machines
    • • Full-fledged laboratory to carry out quality control test as per Indian standards
    • • Vast experienced task force to ensure adherence of all manufacturing and testing procedures

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