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Trace Heating Cable

Product Details:

Type HR
Number of Core 2 Core
Size 12 , 16 & 50 mm

Scarlet Trace heating systems are based on a flexible, cable-like, heating element which is positioned near or next to the pipe or engineering area which needs to be kept at a constant temperature. This technology supplements the insulation normally included with such systems where the temperature fluctuation may still drop below minimum tolerances.

 Thermal insulation will reduce the rate of heat loss, however trace heating is often essential to maintain the desired temperature, particularly in no flow conditions.

 The most common applications are Freeze Protection, Hot Water Service temperature maintenance and Process temperature maintenance in a wide variety of applications: Fuel Oil, Caustic soda, Liquid Sugar, Fats and soaps, Bitumen, Paints and Lacquers, Polymers, Acids and Esters.

Heaters can be supplied for both 110 Volt and 240 Volt systems.
Heating elements are available in a variety of formats from traditional tapes and heating mats to more innovative drum heaters.

Wattage Ranges Operative Volate 230V

35 Watt/ per meter 
45 watt / per meter 
65 watt/per meter 
100 Watt/ per meter 

High Temp Trace heating cable ( HTC)

Flat Type with extra Silicon Rubber Insulation to widthsand maximum Temperature 

150 Watt/ per meter 
200 Watt/per meter 

Special Cable HTTX    300 watt / per meter  ( On Request )

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: SAWTC3251
  • Port of Dispatch: Kolkata
  • Production Capacity: 1000
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days
  • Packaging Details: Standard Packing

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